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   AQUASORBENTTM is a biodegradable super-absorbent and has been proven of helping agriculture, agro-forestry and forestry for many years. It absorbs up to 300 times its weight water and slowly releases that water in the root zone for demand by plants. AQUASORBENTTM also absorbs water soluble nutrients and fertilizers, preventing their percolation into the water table. AQUASORBENTTM significantly reduces watering cycles to conserve water for growers. It is effectively applied to prevent plant loss caused by water stress and drought in soil where the water holding capacity is low or non-existent. It even works in sand! AQUASORBENTTM is able to hydrate and re-hydrate many times over its lifetime, providing on-going benefit to the plants.

   AQUASORBENTTM also helps build better soil. As water is drawn from the hydro-gel SAP particles by plants, the SAP particles reduce in size, allowing oxygen to occupy the void space and creating a better soil environment, while stimulating more vigorous root development. SAP also absorbs and holds valuable fertilizers and nutrients, keeping them at the root level and allowing less of them to end up in the water table.


    Agriculture, horticulture
    Landscaping, lawn and artificial turf
    Arboriculture, Reforestation
    Bare roots dipping?and sowing, seedling transportation
    Use Hydro-seeding
    Soil & fertilizer mixture
    Seed coating, transplanting Soilless cultivation and floral
    Soil conditioner

   AQUASORBENTTM and SOIL CONDITIONER are sensitive to the actions of ultraviolet and bacterial biodegradation. So they naturally degrade in the soil in CO2, H2O and nitrogen compounds. Thus, they are not only non-toxic but also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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