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AQUASORBENTTM Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)

Agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping

    Landscaping, lawn and artificial turf
    Root dipping and sowing, seedling transportation
    Soil & fertilizer mixes
    Seed coating, transplanting
    Soilless cultivation and floral decoration
    Soil conditioner
    Water saving additives in dam or pool

Medical and physiological hygiene usages

    Baby diaper
    Feminine Napkin
    Pads (Incontinent/Surgical cushion/Medical bandage)
    Medicine applications such as bandages, blood absorbent, and slowly releasing drug
    Cool pack & ice cap
    Cosmetics thickener
    Waste fluid solidification
    Animal/ litter dry/smell removal
    Blood Absorbent for seafood and packaged meats
    Moisturizing agent for fresh vegetable and fruits

Industrial applications

    water-absorbent and drilling additives for EOR and waterway plug
    Mining industry: sweller/base strengthening agent/road dust suppressants, extinguishing agent for spontaneous
       combustion of coal and sulfide ores/mud solidification
    Cable water-resistance
    Swelling rubber
    Catcher for heavy metal ions in wastewater treatment:
    Construction industry: tunnel leak-proof/fire extinguishers/desiccants/adhesives/heat storage agent

Floral decoration/Home beauty (Crystal soil)

    Houseplants cultivation
    Fresh/cutting flower/artificial flowers arrangements
    Artificial snow (instant snow) for Christmas
    Fragrance gel for room or cars
    Halloween shapes

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