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   Crystal Soil is an one kind of Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) which is also known as crystal beads, water gel, crystal pearls, water pearl, magic crystal,flora gel, decorative jelly. MULTICOLORFUL LIFE crystal soil is a perfect substitute for dirty soil for floral decoration with plants. It can not only play the decorative function, but also reduce plant watering by up to 50% due to its ability of absorbing up to 200 times its weight in water. Furthermore, it is able to repeatedly absorb and release water for many times. Colorful crystal soil in different shapes can be used as a decorative element for many occasions, such as:

    bouquets made of artificial and fresh flowers and houseplants
    Fresh or cutting flower arrangements in a vase
    Colorful, festive table decorations for holidays, weddings and parties
    Office, shop and home decorations (reception, coffee area, meeting room, living room, kitchen, bedroom)
    Any creative images to make eye-catching centrepieces

Use MULTICOLORFUL LIFE crystal soil to beauty your life!

2.Products list

   –  Granule crystal soil

   –  Cubic crystal soil


   –  Pearl Crystal Soil

   –  Marble pearl


   –  Sachets


   –  Big Ball (Size: 50mm-70mm)

Many kinds of colors are available.

   –  Animal & Halloween Shapes


   –  Glowing Beads & Fluorescent Stones


Typical physical & chemical characteristics


Typical Data


Beads, Granule, Cube

Moisture content(%)



Light Alcohol smell

Bulk density (g/l)


PH, hydrated gel


Absorption rate (g/g)
Deionized water



Shelf life in dry package

2 years

   –  Instant Decorative Snow

   Real Instant Decorative Snow, a non-toxic polymer when mixed with water, makes incredibly fluffy, glistening snow. One ounce makes two quarts of real looking snow. Snow Real is ideal for holiday displays, table centerpieces, silk flower or candle arrangements.


Package and storage

    25kg bag; 30 gram sachet, 250 gram/bottle
    Stored at droughty place under room temperature

3.Disposal of crystal soil

   Crystal soil may cause blockages if disposed to drain system. Crystal soil is biodegradable in the soil or under sunshine, so just dispose of it as daily rubbish.

4.Safety precaution

   Although MULTICOLORFUL LIFE crystal soil is non toxic and environmentally safe to plant and personal touch, but we still strongly suggest children be kept away from mouth swallow. If accident happens, swallower should be taken to hospital for medical advice immediately.

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