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SAP applications in industrial fields

      Our SAPs are extensively applied in so many industrial fields as petrochemicals, mining, and electronics. SAP is employed for Enhanced Oil Recovery ( EOR) because of its water-absorbent and non-oil-absorbing characteristics, functioning as roles of water-absorbent and emulsion-breaking additives; In mining industry, our SAP can be used as sweller, base strengthening agent, silent expansive explosives, anti-segregation agent for pipe transportation, road dust suppressants, extinguishing agent for spontaneous combustion of coal and sulfide ores, etc.; In wastewater treatment, due to SAP's absorbency and chelating capability to heavy metal ions, it can seize heavy metal ions in solution for the recovery of precious metals, so SAP is widely used in treating water from metallurgy, mining, and electroplating.

The application in building materials

      With good expansion properties, sealing features, and resistance to the changes of weather and age and the existence of chemical erosion, our SAP can be used for filling, plugging, and leak-proof additives to make a new type of cement-based, self conservative admixture building materials. It also can be used as fire extinguishing material, desiccant, anti-fog agent, adhesives, and heat storage agent in building.

Cable waterproof plugging agent

      Our SAP can be used as cable waterproof plugging material. We know Moisture will reduce the reliability of cable. In order to improve the safety and prolong cable life, cable manufacturers choose water-blocking tape made by SAP to envelop wire. SAP is able to absorb bleeding water from leak and become hydrated gel with the function of plugging continuous water, maintaining the cable desiccated. Specially treated SAP has been successfully applied to sea tunnel between UK and France as fiber-optic cable.

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